Guardians of Paradise
Best Short Film, Best Cinematography
Best Feature Film, Best Producer
Soviet Hippies
Best Documentary
Patient's Mind
Best Animation
Blue Delusion
Best Experimental Film, Best Young Director
Best Original Score
Through the Particles of Void to the Frequencies of Waves
Best Original Soundtrack
Argent Glass (feat. Char)
Best Color Editing, Best Music Video
Fate's Shadow: The Whole Story
Best VFX, Best Romantic Film, Best Acting Debut
Children of the night
Best Short Screenplay
No biscuits in heaven
Best Feature Screenplay, Best Poster
Born Free
Best Female Story
Eskhaleni Sikantombela
Best Black Film
Not Out
The Semblance of Waves
Best Drama
Best Horror, Best Thriller, Best Director
Classic; an anthology
Best Web-Series
Kaiju - Shibari
Best Actress
Faces of the Future
Best Young Actor, Best Student Film
Cruel, beautiful
Best Director Debut
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